TXOne Stellar

Protect your ICS environments with industrial-grade, next-generation endpoint security to prevent all unexpected system changes before they impact the operation.

Get a robust protection, keep the operation running

OT operations drive business value. Cyber-Physical System downtime cost is always significant. Instead of waiting for a threat to be identified and analyzed before responding, TXOne's Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR) takes early actions to secure your OT environments.

Bringing Operational Focus to OT Security

Stellar avoids this risk by focusing on understanding the operation and its devices and contextualizing them with security outcomes.

OT Security Without Compromise

The different objectives and priorities between security and operations teams cause friction and frustration. Stellar removes the need for a compromise by meeting the needs of each team concurrently.

Uniquely Built For OT

Protect assets without interfering the operation. Mitigate the environmental barriers to maintain cyber hygiene in OT.

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TXOne Stellar

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· Operationally Safe Response Actions

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· Broad System Support

· Easy Deployment

· Proven Security Methodologies

· Multi-Method Threat Defense

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