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status and remove

ransomware from your 


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Portable Inspector delivers portable, installation-free security in the USB form factor. It inspects new equipment before

sending it to production, performs regular auditing and inventory management functions, and provides advanced

security for out-of-band and isolated devices.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicable to: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Netherlands.
  • TXOne Networks reserves the right to approve any trial/demo requests.
  • Product trials are for 30 days unless extension agreed with TXOne.
  • Depending on stock an alternative product model may be offered for trial purposes.
  • If products not returned after trial period ends, we reserve the right to invoice.

Common Predicaments in OT Cybersecurity

Cyber hygiene is crucial for every organization, but it is more challenging to keep in the OT environments. There are common obstacles to apply OT security among organizations:

  • Prohibited 3rd-party software installation due to assets sales terms.
  • Legacy operation systems no longer supported by security vendors.
  • Understaffing issue for security professionals in OT environments.

Ultimate Security Inspection Tool for OT environment

Portable Inspector is designed specifically for OT. It’s cost-effective, easy to use, and adaptive to a huge variety of systems.


Simplicity by Design

Plug and run, with no need of installation. This security device enables everyone to perform the day-to-day security tasks.

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Security at Fingertips

Scan and clean malware for multiple assets. Transfer files between them at extremely high security level.


Compact and Complete

Operate on multiple operating systems from Linux to Windows, from Windwos XP to the latest Windows 11.

Portable Inspector is brought to you by TXOne Networks,
the leader of OT cybersecurity.


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